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Where To Position Children's Car Seats

The safety of our children is a top priority, especially when it comes to travelling by car. One crucial aspect of child safety on the road is the proper positioning of car seats.

Choosing where your child's car seat goes is something we can help you with, there are several factors that can influence what is the best position for your family.

Where is the safest position in a car for a child's car seat?

Many customers ask where is the safest position in the car is. The answer is the middle seat based on it being the furthest away from any side of impact. However, whether your car allows a child's car seat to be positioned there will require checking the car's manual. It's also not the easiest position to get little ones into the car.

Can a car seat go in the front seat?

Rear facing car seats can go in the front passenger seat, IF you can switch off the airbags, or if the car has sensors which turn off the airbag automatically when you fit a child seat. DO NOT put a rear facing car seat in the front if there is an active airbag. Airbags can deploy with considerable force and pose a serious risk of injury to young children. Always use the back seat for child car seats to ensure maximum safety.

Can a high back booster go in the front seat?

We do not recommend placing a high back booster, or a forward facing car seat in the front passenger seat. However it is not illegal and would require checking your vehicle manual if this is a position that you want to use for your child's car seat, the manual will let you know whether it is allowed for your car and if the airbag needs to be switched off.

Can a child's car seat go in van?

Yes it's completely possible to install a rear facing car seat in a van, we have installed plenty! Again we would suggest checking the van's manual to ensure it allows a car seat to be installed and what it requires for any airbags. The same answer as above applies for forward facing car seats in vans.

Properly positioning children's car seats is a critical step in ensuring their safety while traveling in vehicles. Contact us for advice and book in for a demo to try car seats in the best position for your family.

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