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What is the Plus Test?

The Plus Test is the toughest crash test in the world!

The Swedish Plus Test is a voluntary additional crash test that car seat manufacturers can apply for. Plus tested car seats ensure that your child is not exposed to life-threatening neck forces during a collision.

Plus Test approval is extremely tough and many car seats end up destroyed during the test.

There are three factors that make the Plus Test so difficult to pass:

➕ Higher speed - The crash speed is higher than normal compared to the speed used by European approvals ECE R44 and UN- ECE R129, also called “i-Size”.

➕ Very short braking distance - The short braking distance makes the impact on the car seat brutal, the shorter the braking distance, the more violent the forces become.

➕ Neck Forces Measured - to make the Plus Test even more difficult, sensors are used to measure the forces in the crash test dummy’s neck. Which means that forward-facing car seats will not have any chance to pass the test because the neck forces are too high.

The Plus test is developed to make the choice of car seat easier by showing which car seats are extra safe for your child. Always look for the Plus test-symbol when buying a car seat.

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